Taxi app – the Uber clone

App-Empire Demo Taxi App is a clone of Uber, based on GPS which is connecting the drivers who are willing to provide services continuously to the passengers. It helps drivers to utilise their ideal time and be available wherever the service is required. This model has completed transformed the traditional taxi service business.
This complete solution, App-Empire Demo Taxi App, connecting drivers with passengers has three systems:

  1. Passenger Taxi Booking App
  2. Driver App
  3. Admin Panel

Working of Application

In this passenger will book the ride by defining his pick up location. After confirming the booking and applying coupon codes, same notification will be received by the nearby driver and the driver will acceptance the ride. When driver confirms the pickup the notification for the driver details will be sent to the passenger including the drivers rating and contact details. Before starting the ride, the driver will press the start ride button and when the destination will be reached, driver will press end ride button. Based on this time and distance, the cost for the ride will be calculated. At same time, a notification to rate the driver will be received by the passenger.


  • Push Notifications
  • Different App for both Driver and Passenger
  • Admin Access for Security
  • Google Navigation
  • Online Payment
  • Automatic Price Calculation
  • Request proposals
  • GPS Functionality
  • Authorised Drivers
  • Option of adding Multiple Cars Types
  • Coupon Discounts
  • Rate Estimation


  • uber-clone-1
  • uber-clone-2
  • uber-clone-3
  • uber-clone-4
  • uber-clone-5
  • uber-clone-6
  • taxi-mobile-app-uber-clone-14
  • taxi-mobile-app-uber-clone-1
  • taxi-mobile-app-uber-clone-2
  • taxi-mobile-app-uber-clone-3
  • taxi-mobile-app-uber-clone-4
  • taxi-mobile-app-uber-clone-5
  • taxi-mobile-app-uber-clone-6
  • taxi-mobile-app-uber-clone-7
  • taxi-mobile-app-uber-clone-8
  • taxi-mobile-app-uber-clone-9
  • taxi-mobile-app-uber-clone-10
  • taxi-mobile-app-uber-clone-11
  • taxi-mobile-app-uber-clone-12
  • taxi-mobile-app-uber-clone-13
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