On demand Laundry App

Take your Laundry Brand in App Store through our ready solution for Laundry Business. This is a platform developed specifically for Laundry Business. This can be customised with your Brand Name and your Products and Services. The complete solution includes:

  1. Customer Mobile App
  2. Back-office Admin Dashboard

Why is it necessary to launch your business in app store:

  • Due to rapid growth of smartphones and mobile internet, the way consumers shop is changing.
  • With apps like Uber has changed the way people book cabs, consumers are becoming more habitual to use mobile for daily shopping or booking needs.
  • Laundry is a very routine activity of every consumer, so its convenient for user to install an app and use it for all laundry needs.
  • Every App download has a very good potential of creating a loyal customer. Your Brand Logo as an app icon is a very free advertisement.

Customer App Features:

  • Sign Up/Register
  • Login, Forgot Password etc
  • Login with Facebook
  • Select the Laundry
  • Add to Cart
  • Put Pick Up/Drop off Location
  • Select from Previous Location or Add New
  • Put Pick Time and Delivery Time
  • Check box for express delivery
  • Payment (PayPal and credit card)
  • Place order
  • Order History

Admin Panel Features

  • Users
    • View Users
  • Delivery Boy
    • Add Delivery Boy
    • View Delivery Boy
  • Sub Area
    • Add Sub Area
    • View Sub Area
  • Delivery Area
    • Add Delivery area
    • View Delivery Area
  • Time Slot
    • Add Time Slot
    • View Time Slot
  • Maximum Orders
    • Add Maximum orders
      • Add time slot
      • Add maximum orders
    • View Maximum orders
  • Subscriptions
    • Add subscription
    • View Subscription
  • Orders
    • Add Orders
    • View Orders
      • Order Status
      • Allocate Pickup
      • Allocate Delivery
  • Pages
    • FAQ
    • T&C
    • Contact Us


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